Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Boogie 2988 Goes on Twitter Rampage Against Cox Communications

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Boogie 2988, the obese Youtuber and Twitch Streamer has spiralled into a vicious Twitter rage against Cox Communication this evening. Apparently Cox has capped his internet data after going over his limit. Sounds fair, right? But how would Boogie make his $2000 in Twitch donations tonight if his internet has been capped! OH NO!

Let's break this down. This is the first tweet of about the issue tonight.

So, Boogie talked to a representative of the company today who told him they cant do anything about it. That makes sense since Boogie went over his data cap... But remember, we're talking about Boogie here who can't take responsibly if his life depended on it (Literally). He now claims he cant afford it. The man who makes a minimum of $2000 in a single stream can't afford to pay a $100 internet bill. Let that sink in. Im sure those donations went to good use, boys!

Lets continue.

Oh, Boogie is for standing up for the little guys! How nice of him! Again, not taking responsibly. This is him trying to push his problems onto other people. He continues.

And finally, what its all been leading up to. Controlling his sheep/enablers of a fanbase to support his bad decision of going over his data limit. This a common Boogie tactic. State the issue, point the blame in a certain direction, then orchestrate a lynching.

Here is the kicker!

No worries dear fanboys! Boogie2988 will STILL be streaming tonight! But be sure to donated those extra few dollars! That $10 overcharge really put a dent in his wallet. I really hope people see these gross tactics used by Boogie2988 to manipulate his fanbase of children into giving him more money. This man should be ashamed of himself.



  1. is boogie still fat?

    1. do the jews still rule the world? the answer to both is yes.

  2. These babies who get to work STREAMING VIDEO GAMES think they have it tough for a 10 dollar overage fee? Oh please.


  4. Are you seriously defending data caps? Sure, Boogie is a fat fuck, but come the fuck on.