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The History and Downfall of The Far Cry Franchise

Open-world games have been around for about 30 years now and they've taken many forms in genres, changed many things and become more awesome in scale with the help of new technology. In today's world we want just about everything in our open-world games. A good story and characters, to quick loading screens and auto saves. All that and wingsuits, now you have the recipe for a Far Cry game.

The First FAR CRY 

in 2004, Far Cry was released. You played as Jack Carver hired by a woman named Valerie to sail to a tropical beautiful island the perfect backdrop. But soon after, your arrival mercenaries blow up your ship and kidnap Valerie. So it's up to you to navigate the tropical island and save her. There was a story, it was an open-world, there was tons of stuff to do and it was absolutely stunning to look at. The first elements of what was to become the stealth system in Far Cry would be introduced. With the original Far Cry small rocks that you can throw to distract enemies and sneak by, however, the AI was acutely aware of your presence regardless of most cover which resulted in a frustrating experience if you played the stealth card.

Overall Far Cry was an amazing baseline game for the series and many things would be used and expanded on for the future titles such as a heavier focus on fleshing out the story, crafting and a better development of the supernatural side to the original game which was by far the worst part of the experience. 

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Far Cry 2 

When I think about the best Far Cry game, my mind usually flocks too Far Cry 2. The sun-baked African savannah was a gorgeous world with the threats of militant extremists at every corner. Iall felt so raw. Far Cry 2 was a game with a confident personality and identity but it was also a game about limitations. Guns and ammo are limited, they also jam and malfunction, your car must be repaired, you're at risk for malaria you can't save unless you drive to a safe area. You needed to physically hold out your map to navigate and you often need to sleep to kick over the night cycle to snipe and use stealth. It's all very chaotic raw. The best part is that it requires you to improvise when resources are low which adds to the desperation of the story and the tension. Far Cry 2 brought a wider story, more characters to interact with, more things to do, and also added a buddy system that would be iterated on for future games.

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Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 was the moment when Ubisoft made Far Cry a household name. many praised the game for being the best in this series due to its tight gameplay, new crafting system and the awesome villainThe story was down-to-earth, you felt human in Far Cry 3. You're a man with no combat experience, thrown into an action thriller style story where your main tools are automatic, high powered weapons. The game introduced an fun new way to traverse the beautiful scene with the inclusion of a wingsuit.

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 was the moments when Far Cry started to feel very stale. People started to grow tired of climbing radio towers, crafting the same weapon pouches from different bear asses and Tiger fur and staring at that old familiar. Far Cry 4 was a competent game with an interesting setting a wonderful and creepy villain. There were fun ways to get around the map and of course the refined, smooth weapon combat that we had seen for years. However once again we received the same story and sidequest structure, another unlikable lead character, boring and incompetent NPCs and of course more radio towers. 

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Far Cry: Primal

Far Cry Primal, to many people, was a complete disaster. While it had an interesting concept, the stale Ubisoft open world formula reminded us that it was nothing more than a re-skin of Far Cry 4. A Far Cry game is best when it delivers a great story with an unforgettable villain.Unfortunately, Primal failed to deliver on these. 

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