Monday, 29 May 2017

What Do Games Lack in 2017?

what do games lack 2017 gamingtox

I noticed quite of few differences in how games are being developed in 2017 compared to pre-2012. I compiled a list of a few things that I see lacking in today's gaming selection.

Compelling Story Delivery

Most games now tell their story by having huge story dumps via NPCs that take 15 minutes to tell you exactly what happened. That doesn't make me care about what happened or who did it. It sucks when a story is great but the delivery is awful.

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Valuable Content

Enough with fetch quests, grinding, etc. I get that some people like this sort of thing but nearly every game has it now. Why is the dovakhin collecting onions for your soup? Why is the guy who just killed Ifrit taking pictures of fish for you? It's just filler that doesn't add to the game.


I want more companies to experiment with their games, and actually take chances with new IPs, the problem is the vast majority of companies seem to just be trying to find something among the lines of a "formulaic" experience.

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Games used to be sold complete and had all sorts of items, equipment and things to do. These days many games are bland linear or padded once off experiences with no mods, new game+, or even cheat codes to extend your fun.
Most of today's devs make games to be purchased in the first 3 months of their life cycle then abandon them, unless they're multiplayer or releasing DLC. You want new weapons? or multiplayer fixed? Better buy our next game and see if they improved or fixed it.


I could play a game like Super Smash Bros Melee for the GameCube and even after hundreds and hundreds of hours of gameplay I'd still be unlocking new unique content.
Now? At best, almost everything is unlocked from the get-go leaving little to no speculation/challenge to unlocking stuff. At worst, the DLC has more content than the base game. Either way, unlockables ain't the same. I especially hate the people that defend it as DLC because "IT'S ONLY COSMETIC!!!!1!" (Even though these exact same cosmetics were unlockables in games 10-15 years ago). 

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What do you think? What are games these days lacking? Let us know in the comments below!

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