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What To Expect for PS4 at E3 2017, Studio by Studio

First Party Studios

  • Japan Studio - Tend to work on all sort of bits and pieces, for example they helped out FromSoftware with Bloodborne, and may again be involved in the rumoured upcoming Bloodborne 2. But we definitely know they're working on Knack 2, announced in December at PSX, so we'll probably see more of that at E3.
  • Polyphony Digital - Known for working on the Gran Turismo series, and we know that Gran Turismo Sport is due out this year, so it's highly likely we'll see that at E3, featuring VR support.
North America
  • Naughty Dog - I'm not sure we really need to see any more of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at this point, but it's due out in August and no doubt we will see some quick hype for it.
  • Much more attention should be focused on The Last of Us Part 2. I get the feeling we might see some more teaser footage, but if they have some actual gameplay to show us at this point, that would be awesome.
  • Bend Studio - It was recently confirmed that we'll see more of Days Gone at E3 - as if that was ever in any doubt!
  • San Diego Studio - San Diego doesn't tend to work on anything huge. They have the yearly MLB games, and recently did a few small collaborations. I'm not expecting to see anything exciting from them at E3. Maybe some VR stuff? Sports Champions 3 in VR?
  • Santa Monica Studio - God of War ... need I say more?
  • Sucker Punch Productions - This is the really interesting one for me... The makers of Sly Cooper and Infamous have been suspiciously quiet since the release of Infamous First Light in 2014. I'd love to see sequels to either series, but the rumours say they're working on a new IP, and possibly a Wild West themed IP at that! Three years is plenty of time to get the ball rolling, so I have a strong suspicion that we might see a big reveal at this E3. (Edit: The Western rumours are seemingly debunked, which is probably a good thing with RDR2 coming, right?)
  • Pixelopus - This is a small team, and they haven't shown us anything since Entwined in 2014. They could well have something new to show at E3, but don't expect anything blockbuster from such a small studio.
  • Guerilla Games - Don't expect to see anything new from them so soon after the success of Horizon Zero Dawn. Maybe some DLC?
  • London Studio - They tend to work on small projects. Might have some VR stuff to show. Please don't bring back SingStar...
  • North West Studio - Apparently this studio is VR focused. They're a new studio without any prior games to their name.
  • Media Molecule - We will almost certainly see more of Dreams. I feel like presentation and marketing is going to be very important for the success of this game. There are still big questions about how fun the game will actually be to play, so MM needs to show off an interesting story campaign, and demonstate more of the "play" mechanics rather than just the "create" mechanics.

Second Party Studios (selected)

  • Clap Hanz - Coming in August is Everybody's Golf 7. Not my cup of tea, but it obviously continues to be successful.
  • Kojima Productions - We're definitely going to see more of Death Stranding, right? Are we at the point yet where we'll get to see actual gameplay, though? Who knows...
North America
  • Ready at Dawn - I really enjoyed The Order: 1886 (particularly the lore) despite its poor reception. Unfortunately it seems like the franchise may have died already. RaD recently released a brawler called Deformers, and they're now working on an Oculus exclusive, so don't expect to see anything from them.
  • Insomniac Games - We're surely going to see more of Spider-Man (PS4). If anyone knows how to make a great action game it is Insomniac. Bring on the gameplay, please!
  • Honeyslug - They have developed some fun little PS exclusives before like Hohokum and Super Exploding Zoo, so chances are they have another little project in the works. If the Sony show has an indie section, that is where you'll find these guys.
  • Housemarque - Another strong candidate for the indie section. I had fun with Resogun, and they have another game coming out next month called Nex Machina.
  • Novarama - Known for the Invizimals series. They haven't put out anything since 2014, but continue to maintain a website. Maybe they're working on something?
  • Quantic Dream - I know David Cage rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but I thoroughly enjoyed Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. I can't wait to see more of Detroit: Become Human!
  • Supermassive Games - Started off making small projects like Tumble and Start the Party. Until Dawn was their first foray into making a proper AAA title, and with its success many people expected them to turn it into a franchise. But Supermassive has claimed they're not working on a sequel... so what are they working on..?

Third Party Studios

  • FromSoftware - Heavily rumoured to be working on Bloodborne 2. Maybe we'll see it at E3. 
  • Sanzaru Games - These guys mostly do small projects and remastered collections, but they did a fantastic job with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Could they continue the Sly series? Fingers crossed, but looking at their recent run of smaller games in 2016, I'm not all that hopeful.
  • Ninja Theory - There's a good chance we may see some of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice at E3 - a new IP from the team who made Heavenly Sword on PS3.
  • Wild Sheep Studio -  WiLD in development for PS4 since 2014. Looks interesting.
  • Square Enix - Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is a timed PS4 exclusive, and there's a good chance we could see something about that this year.
  • A lot of people calling for Kingdom Hearts 3 too. It is also releasing on Xbox so not necessarily going to be part of the Sony show, but given Kingdom Hearts history on Playstation, you'd lean more towards Sony than Microsoft.
  • thatgamecompany - The makers of Journey have been quite since it released in 2012! Their website indicates they are definitely working on a new project, but we don't know if it'll be a Playstation game yet.

I think that about covers the interesting studios in my opinion. Did I miss anything?
I would also like to cheat a bit and give a special mention to Red Dead Redemption 2. Of course it's not an exclusive as it'll be available on Xbox too (and likely PC down the road) but I am just getting a feeling RDR2 might feature on Sony's E3 stage this year. I know that Rockstar tends to avoid E3 like the plague and just do their own thing... but perhaps with the timing of a planned Autumn/Fall release and with Sony & Rockstar making a deal for exclusive timed content, the stars might finally align this year?


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